Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Does altitude affect baking??

Does altitude affect baking??
Too scientific to digest? Sorry but its true ......
The higher you go the more you need to alter your original recipe.
This post is for all my baking friends who live in high altitudes and struggle with baking "THE PERFECT CAKE"
When baking at higher altitudes, the recopies have to be adjusted to compensate foe the lower atmospheric pressure.Often satisfactory results are obtained by merely adjusting the leavening agents used.At other times other ingredients such as flour and eggs may also have to be adjusted. The following adjustments are general guidelines.....
Most recipies will perform adequately up to an altitude of 2000ft elevation, although this is not to say that identical results will be obtained at sea level and at 1000ft elevation.
2000ft elevation - Reduce baking powder by 15% - reduction of further 7.5% for each additional 1000ft elevation. At 8000ft elevation you may require to reduce the baking powder by 60%. 
Whole eggs and egg whites(wherever mentioned in the recipies)should be increased as altitude increases. At 25000ft these ingredients should be increased by 2.5%, with an additional increase of 2.5% for every 1000ft elevation until 75000ft elevation where the adjustment will be 15%.
Flour content also needs to be adjusted upwards with increase in altitude.. At 35000 ft increase the flour by 2.5% and add about 1.7% for each increase in 1000ft elevation. Water needs to be increased proportionately to compensate for the increase in flour.

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