Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Yeast leavened Bakery Products :

Plain breads, Rolls, Wheat bread, Variety breads
1. Blistering of the Crust : Insufficient proofing, development, or salt, excessive humidity or stem in the oven, loose molding, week flour , Temperature too high.
2. Cracking of the Crust : Rapid Cooling, formation of dry crust before baking in the oven.
3. Thick Crust : Insufficient sugar, excessive fermentation, over baking, weak fermentation, low oven temperature.
4. Tough Crust : Excess of Sugar or malt, steam in the oven, fermentation insufficient, , insufficient fat.
5. No shred : Not enough steam in the oven, insufficient time for pan proofing, excessive humidity in the proof box, fermentation, insufficient sugar, or dough not sufficiently fermented.
6. Shelling: Short pan proof, crust formation during proving, inadequately fermented dough, dough stiff, excessive salt, excessive top heat in the oven, low protein flour, dough too cold, pan size not proper too large or small.
7. Lack of Crust Color : Over fermented or old dough, insufficient top heat, salt content insufficient, dry crust before baking.

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