Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Vapor Leavened Bakery Products :

Puff Pastries, Éclair Shells, Cream Puffs, Popovers, Crisp breads, Sugar wafers, Puff Biscuits, etc.
1. Pastry does not expand : Preheat the oven, Over dough sheeting and folding, Weak flour, Soft fat.
2. Pastry tough and doughy : Preheat the oven, Dough sheet too thick, insufficient sheeting and folding.
3. Pastry hard and unyielding : Preheat the oven, Flour is too strong, or over stiff dough.
4. Pastry Shrinks : Insufficient resting of the dough.
5. Pastry over greasy : Excessive total fat, Excessive fat during folding, Fat in Chunks during folding, soft fat.
6. Pastry rise excessive : Oven temperature too high, insufficient folding, flour very strong.
7. Pastry not puffing or layering : Roll in insufficient or absorbed, Excessive rolling and folding, Insufficient cooling or resting of during process, Layers very thin.
8. Waxy taste and texture of final product : Excessive roll in.

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