Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Grandma's Home Remedies .....

My Grandma's Home Remedies .....
  1. If a pinch of ginger is put into doughnuts they will not absorb the fat in which they are fried. 
  2. If potatoes are pared and laid in cold water before boiling they will remain white. 
  3. Never put strawberries in tin ware. 
  4. A hot cloth wrapped around jelly or ices will cause them to come out of the molds without sticking. 
  5. A little boiling water added to an omelet will keep it from being tough. 
  6. A little butter added to cake frosting greatly improves it. 
  7. Line cake tins with a little butter and then dust with flour and the cake will not stick to the tins. 
  8. Silicone spatulas are best to use in cake making. 
  9. If raisins and currants are rolled in flour before being put into cake they will not sink to the bottom. 
  10. When cutting fresh bread clean your knife with a damp cloth each time . 
  11. Keep an apple slice in the cake-box. It will keep the cake fresh for a long time. 
  12. If grease is spilled on the kitchen floor cold water should be poured on it immediately. The water will harden the grease and prevent it from soaking into the floor. It may then be scraped up with a knife. 
  13. Soak new brooms in hot, salted water before using them. The salt toughens the bristles and the brooms will last longer. 
  14. Use cucumber peelings to get rid of cockroaches. The cucumber acts as poison to the roaches. 
  15. Clean copper kettles with salt and vinegar. 
  16. Keep any sea shell in the tea kettle to prevent the forming of a crust on the electrical heating elements. 
  17. A piece of camphor kept with silver will prevent the silver from tarnishing. 
  18. Crushed eggshells keep lizards at bay. 
  19. Put a pinch of salt into water in which cut flowers are placed and they will last longer. 
  20. A teaspoonful of tamarind powder, dissolved in hot milk and slowly sipped, is said to be helpful in case of sore throat. 
  21. A gargle of salt and water is a good remedy for sore throat. 
  22. Boiled flaxseed juice flavored with lemon is excellent for a cough. 
  23. When laundering lace curtains, if a creamy shade is desired, add clear, strong coffee to the starch. 

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