Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Unleavened Bakery Products :

Pies, Strudels, Tortillas, Matzos, Unleavened cookies, etc.
1. Excessive Shrinkage of Crust : Not enough fat, Excessive water, over worked Dough, strong flour.
2. Crust not flaky : overtaxing of dough, Soft fat, dough mixed at high temperature.
3. Tough Crust : Excessive Water, Strong Flour, Over mixing of dough.
4. Soggy Crust : Either oven not hot enough or too hot, using hot fillings, insufficient baking, Excessive shortening.
5. Crust Shrinks : Flour is strong, Low Percentage of shortening, excessive water as permissible by the recipe, not resting dough sufficient before handling.
6. Raw Spots in Crust : No pre heating of ovens, non uniformity in dough mixing.
7. Protect from moisture.

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