Monday, 5 March 2012


Flour ( Maida ) :
1. Strong Flour : Imparts high doughiness to the bakery products. Used for breads, puff pastries etc.
2. Medium Flour : Impart medium doughiness to the bakery product and is used for Cakes, heavy pies etc.
3. Weak Flour : Imparts poor doughiness due to excess presence of bran. Used for angel cakes, biscuits and light pies etc.

Butter / Margarine / Fat :
Imparts and enhances taste, softness, crust, color, tenderizer and aerates the cake.

Condensed Milk :
Plays a very important part in preparation of eggless cakes. It imparts tender ness, emulsification, volume, crust color, foaming etc. and the taste is same as a Victoria Sponge Cake. To prepare a fat less eggless cake sponge require excessive use of leavening agents which make the cake unpalatable at the same time soaking of the cake is not possible.

Juices / Milk / Water :
Plays a very important part in preparation of eggless cakes. It imparts tenderness, softness, volume and assists the reaction of the leavening agents required for good baking.

Essences and Colors :
Imparts and enhances taste, visual effects, fragrance and aesthetics to the cake.

Fruits / Nuts / Spices / Chocolate etc. :
Are additions made to the cake batter whereby providing a separate unique taste and mouth feel from the regular sponges.

General :
1. Why did the mixture over flow in the tin? The cake tin size recommended was not used. Fill batter only till 2/3rds in the tin.
2. For an 6" round (5" square) tin, bake 300 gms. of batter for sponge or iced cake,
3. For an 7" round (6" square) tin, bake 380 - 400 gms. at 180ºC for 25 min.
4. For an 8" round tin, bake 450-500 gms. of batter at 180ºC for 40 min.
5. For an 9" round tin, bake 550 gms. of batter at 180ºC for 40-45 min.
6. For an 10" round tin, bake 750-800 gms. of batter at 180ºC for 45-50 min.
7. For an 12" round tin, bake 1000-1200 gms. of batter at 180ºC for 50-60 min.
8. For rich sponge/dry cake use 2/3 part Margarine and 1/3 part butter.

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